Luke Bell, BA (hons)

Luke has always been a keen performer; whether it be acting on stage, in front
of the camera or behind a microphone. But it was really voice over and voice related performance that Luke fell in love with, particularly character and animated voice over with a real love for the work of Mel Blanc. From the age of 14 to 16, Luke attended
Sylvia Young Theatre School to enhance his ability to perform live on stage,
something which he learnt was crucial to do well when it came to standing behind
the microphone. There is often a misconception that voice over is just talking into
a microphone; the ability to be able to perform, adapt and improvise a script is
learnt on a stage under pressure.

Upon completing his A-Levels he was accepted into The University of Hull to read Drama and Theatre Studies – the most exciting part of this for Luke was that they
had a fully functioning voice over studio in which he would later use in most his final modules. The sound technician once told Luke after listening to him play around in the studio “If you don’t make money from your voice one day I’ll eat my hat” in a strong Hull accent. Luke took this comment with a pinch of salt but then thought about the prospect of doing so one day, something which he hadn’t really thought about before. Upon the completion of his Degree he spent a few years working in an office job and travelling the world – and now at the age of 25 is ready to pursue his real passion
and follow in the footsteps of some of the greats.

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